Kishida Rio's Thread Hell

UH Manoa Kennedy Theatre April 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th at 8:00pm; April 21th at 2:00pm


The threads of control and the winds of memory collide in Thread Hell, a tale of factory women in Japan.

threadhell-logo-colorThere’s a sound. But what sound?  The sound of spinning. The sound is spinning fast.

1939 – Thread House, a silk thread spinning factory in Kameido, Tokyo.

We meet twelve women, each named after a card of the Hanafuda. None can remember her past, and each is being controlled by threads that keep her in her “proper“ place.

A young woman arrives carrying questions and a knotted string of memory. As the winds of the past arrive, the women reclaim their life stories and change comes to the silk factory.

This is avant-garde playwright Kishida Rio’s masterwork Thread Hell. A play about the relationship between mothers and daughters, men and women, and between a society and its people.

Everyone is someone’s puppeteer.  Who is controlling you?



Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to watch and support our show over the past two weeks. We got a wonderful turnout and it was such an amazing experience. Thank you all!